The Elements of Design and their Importance

In order to create a good design, there are important elements to consider. Any design is not easily created especially if these are special designs. It is the same with the wallpaper design. Elements are needed to create beautiful and creative designs. What are these elements?


This element is needed to show the width and length of a design. It is also important to make a balance to create a good design.


It refers to the area around or between elements in a design. To have a meaningful design, space should be considered. It is used to separate information or any image you want for your design.


This element must not be neglected. Any design needs color so that it will be appreciated. There’s no one who will have much interest with only black and white background. Although a design is creative and looks so beautiful if it has no color, you will not pay attention to it for a long time.

Colors have different meaning. A person can perceive a design or know the mind of the designer according to the color that he had chosen. For example, the blue color shows about being cool and passive while red shows about warmth and love.


There are different types of lines. It could be straight or curly. The line is used for connecting one content to the other and also for creating patterns.


It shows how small or large the output of the design is. For visual interest, size should not be forgotten.

Texture and Value are also important elements of design.