How to Design a Wallpaper

You want to design your own wallpaper because you want to have your own patent. How can you design one for you? Actually, it is easy for us to make such a thing when using a created image, rather than when you are designing an entire original wallpaper. However, if you are going to design an entire original wallpaper, you are going to make use of shapes, lines and colors in any photo-editor, recommended is Photoshop. Photoshop is more complete compared to other features of other editing software.

For customizing an image: Open an a Photoshop, whatever software it is. Launch the editor and then open an uploaded picture you want to change. Resize and put a background of the image. This will modify the effect of the original image. The best thing that you can do here is to change colors and shapes by using the navigation bar on top and on the side.

What you can enjoy here is creating layers of your own imagination. Be very sure to be knowledgeable of using layers and artistic designs. Colors too are very important to make. For an amazing effect, there can be shadow effect of the image.

For original image: Use lines, layers and colors. Adjust all the sizes of each layer and also make sure to add an effect of any shape. Bright colors always brings good effect of wallpapers. This is because few like dark colors. Wallpapers comes with bright image and colors. This is because wallpapers are part of our daily life.